” Creativity i…

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep. –

Scott Adams


The Design.

The design calls for a ramp that connects pedestrian walkway to the second floor of the Art and Architecture building. The ramp, made of wood and wire cables, creates a statement as well as functioning efficiently as second floor access. Also, the ramp extends to make a straight entry to the main offices on the second floor. For the project, the door located closest to the right side of the building would be deleted, leaving space to be maximized for other uses. The project takes into consideration void and space, leaving an open space under the ramp while the ramp fills the void. This open space creates an amphitheater area. Also, panels were added that can be moved back and forth near the entryway so that advertising is possible. When not in use, the panels can slide over and hang above the ivy. 

MAXmin – The Beginning

As a first year design student, the idea of a competition like MAXmin being so close to the start of school was an intimidating thought. It is designed to put you to the test, to see if you can use your creativity and collaborative thoughts to come up with something extraordinary. With this many creative minds put together, how could it not be? Amongst the mass chaos and confusion that is the beginning of this competition, our small little group found each other and together formed an innovative idea that works the best for the space and has performance spec in mind. Upon discussing our task, one of our team members, Dylan, informed the group that the Art and Architecture building used to be something of a pass through. The main entrance stairs were (and still are) just a place to help move people into the building, not necessarily inviting them to stay. So, naturally, to fix the problem is to design something that is suitable for the space and creates a way to reach the second floor. It must also be aesthetically pleasing while creating an implied place of gathering. This space has so much potential and we are only scratching the surface by compiling a design that has the best of everything.

Natural Elements

Ivy at the project site

Some elements of our design take into consideration what already exists in the space. The ramp to reach the second floor is planned to be made of a durable wood material, held up by a cable mounted to the building. This creates a unique design that touches on the elements of nature, as the plan is to leave the naturally growing ivy in it’s place.

Textured Wood Material for Ramp